Is the newest reading of Pages pure for anyone else when a blueprint is added?

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I was trying to add a 3D plot to a catalog in Pages 6.1.1 this late afternoon on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro. As soon as the plot arose in the catalog, Pages (and my micro) froze competently, distorting the pictures of the perfect mantle. After several restarts and a go wrong through First Aid in Sabot Productiveness, I tried fissure the catalog on my first iMac (mid 2009) that can’t have the immediately prior portrayal of Pages since it can’t place Heap (it has Pages 5.6.2). The catalog not closed just wicked, and I was able to cut the plot.


Thinking it was a malfunction with the 3D charts, I went rear to my micro and tried a 2D plot with the same returns. The catalog was wicked until I supplementary the plot. I figured the interchanged charts weren’t even account restarting another chronology. Has anyone else had this question with the immediately prior update? Is there some way to fix it? Thanks in beforehand!