Issues with executive Eminence and my out set drive?

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I just upgraded from a 2011 MacBook Pro (Mavericks) to a new MacBook with Mass. On my old MacBook I would be able to cover in my outmost, and no be important how slacken it was for my abacus to get astride the stony excursion, I was always able to see all the views and copy/paste files between my outmost and abacus- sometimes even extensive transfers (10GB files) that would take 20 proceedings for the stick to elaborate but it would always do it.


It’s kinda a two unit inquire but I really desire someone could help me guess this out because it’s VERY frustrating to not be able to use my outmost to conduction files or even check over the files I already have on the outmost!


1) As I revealed, some of the files within a case don’t flourish up on my outmost when seated on to my new clone with Mass, but I dependable to see if it was a count with my outmost by plugging it in to my old abacus, and on my old MacBook I could see every notebook. Why is it that on my cast new MacBook I can’t check over all the files on my external/it seems as if the files are occult or deleted?


2) I transfered a lot of files to my outmost that I want to put on my new MacBook and whenever I photocopy then stick onto the new macbook, the files never actually stick. There is an movement pay that says “copying” but it stays fast at zero bytes and never loads no be important how enlarged I freedom it there. Then if I want to do in it, it stays fast canceling and the only way for it to cessation is for me to row out the usb tie from the abacus because it won’t even let me spew. I figured it could be how big the files were, so I tried it with 1gb, 4gb, and 11gb- none of them wrought. Very paltry files slogging but how is it that I could conduction big files between my abacus and outmost on my old MacBook and not on my new one?


Would be till cows come home beholden to whoever can help me guess this out!!