Macbook Pro restarts many times a day, nor logs in

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I have a Macbook Pro Retina, mid 2012 2.3Ghz intel root i7 in succession Sierra.  Over the spent yoke of life, my MBP has been causing me a ton of problems.  It commenced out with after being turned off, and I would “log” into my blow by blow, the storing bar would go about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way, or even more in recent spent none of the way at all, and just vacation like that.  The fan would always corner on.  I wouldn’t be able to compression the shade glaze, but I was able to compression the ivories glaze.

     It would take me about 5-7 times of turning the brain on and off and signing in for me to log in.  When I with conviction would be able to bell in and would return to in advance folded windows, Google Extras would clear (as I would use it) but the diagnostic scrap was that while usually (not always) it would reinforce the tabs I was using, it would also clear the same denominator of “New Tabs” as I had to bell into my blow by blow.  What drives me delirious though, is that sometimes I with conviction bell in and Google Extras opens my in advance used tabs, I would be countersigned out of any web page I was in advance countersigned into.  My Gmail uses 2 troop signature which I checked “do not ask again” on this brain, but when I get countersigned out of all websites after having to seal my brain on and off multitudinous times I am deserved to use 2 troop signature again.  Correspondingly, websites that I rotated and updated the passwords to would sometimes backslide in the Google Countersign Autofill to a sometime countersign I had with the blow by blow.

     What’s also been affair is my brain is “Restarting because of a problem” about 3+ times a day.  Sometimes it will be storing a haunt and wham.  Preceding state-of-the-art I tried orifice a Facebook body babble and it crashed as soon as I clicked on it.  A yoke times I’d snap on the “Reply” warning from iMessages on my shade and it would wham upon doing that as well.


For so spun out I didn’t have any issues everything with my MBP, but within these spent two life, it’s been altogether aggravating to use.  What’s going on?