Lag how to use a ticket with a ) or (in it

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I have a fist that runs Cron to load a circular file (the statement remembrance) from my call ideology (that is  linked to the same hobnob as the Mac 10.6 live-in that performs the fist is in).  Next it uses the junk mail concern (sendEmail -f) and in propriety to emit it needs to pass into the countersign for the online mail lowdown it is using.  This countersign has an  ‘(‘ in it.  Example: 123abc(   .


I get the following flaw: line 16: syntax flaw near not in the cards mark `(‘and needles to say the circular file is not being emit.


I am not super at doing this brand of junk, but think it needs to be ‘escaped’ in some set up or way.  Can somebody help me out here?