Can I run 2 versions of iTunes on my computer?

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So many multitude just object to the new versions of iTunes. But you are binding to promote if you want to tally to devices or the thunderhead. But what if I just needed that really crack singing sportsperson that was splinter of iTunes v.9? (or restatement 10, or whatever restatement you handpicked)


There are websites that files OLD VERSIONS of iTunes. Am I able to keyboard one of those, and inaugurate it AS A SECOND APP on my mini, so if I’m concur, I’ll barrage the new restatement, but for my day to day singing playing, I can barrage the eldest restatement of the app.


I’m frozen to research on this for doubt of wiping all my chapter and verse. But I wondered if anyone else has strongly hep this…. or if anyone has hard-shell that this is something that is inaccessible to do.


Thanks in foremost for your replies.