iMovie trumpet pickle when uploading to YouTube

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I noted a air in garageband, exported it and dragged it into iMovie so I could transfer the air to YouTube. When I send out the cast as a mov or mp4 directory and timer the tv, it sounds protracted, but when I transfer the shorten to YouTube, there are several phonic “glitches” separated throughout the tv. I’ve tried indiscriminate times, using mp3’s, wav’s, aiff’s, and acc’s for the air, but nothing seems to be on track. I also tried the “share to YouTube” responsibility and still had the same mess, even though the shorten sounds great in iMovie playback. It’s definitely a YouTube transfer mess, but what can I do to fix it? Here’s a fastening to the tv, a snafu occurs at the 2 second splotch, and again at the 14 second splotch on the vocals.


I’ve uploaded the shorten with volatile levels of tv property, and still no opportunity. Unit progression of the air itself (after being exported from garageband) is 44,100, and bits per unit is 16, whatever that trick. I don’t know if iMovie changes this or not.


Please help!

Thank you