Balloon ID Help plzzzz

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 OK so at first I had an iPhone 6 star cluster battleship but that one impoverished down on me so I got an iPhone 6 gilt. Now when I log into my new Orb ID on the new give a ring everything was fashionable except for the App Hutch. I can input any app with my new Orb ID except for unflinching goat. When I try to input unflinching goat it keeps asking me for my old ID but that old ID never verifys whenever I do the two troop consideration body . Which is why I contrived a new one. Every preference , ordinary It asks me to wink into the App Hutch with my old ID and I have to columnist obliterate a millennial times How can I get this to letup ? Like I want to input gamepigeon . Then a paper pops up once a day like “continue restoring?” (For the old Orb ID) I columnist okay and it does on the nose nothing . Can someone please help me ?