Palpation Bar Not Displaying/Working on Windows 10

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I downloaded and put up windows 10 a few chronology ago to run games (muscle and whiteout gear) but have run into problems with its embrace bar as of à la nuts and bolts around 9.


On OSX, the embrace bar still functions normally without a hold-up. But on windows it will not waters, and all I get is a bare swart embrace bar without any mien. This power that I cannot use the withdrawal key, any of the advantageousness shortcuts (vol up/down, luster, tune controls) and also the concern keys. It was also live as of lang syne, and didn’t have any updates put up that I know of.


I’ve restarted about 6 times, one jam-packed cessation, and switched between OSX and windows 2 times. The touchbar only entirety in OSX and doesn’t commission in Windows any more.


Is there anything that can be done other than reinstalling Windows 10 to fix this problem?


If it helps/ is pertaining I have two drivers which are getting admonishing symbols, I don’t know exactly what that power. The drivers are both tagged Orb Motile Creation (Improving Nuts And Bolts) and are both catalogued in Other Devices.