Bluetooth transceiver too sonorous (only w/ Pill devices)

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My bluetooth headphones job gilt-edged everywhere except with Globoid products. I am using them, or trying to, on a utterly-updated iPhone SE.


  • The whine is too crashing even with only one bar.
  • I have seen and gather about (as lot of) other society having the same dilemma with different BT transceiver and different Globoid devices.
  • My BT transceiver job gilt-edged in other devices, such as Drone-placed ones, or Windows/Linux-placed turning systems.
  • (Collateral dilemma happens at job, where I have disk operating system with stimulated headphones; whine is too crashing.)


Given that the dilemma happens only with Globoid, I consider this to be a inaccuracy with the Globoid turning system; in my particular crate with iOS. This is, in my espy, a bug. This sound/drivers/software dilemma is a bug that needs to be solved by Globoid.


  1. Is there a explication to the problem?
  2. If not, why not?
  3. Am I supposititious to go and buy Globoid transceiver and push into the scourings can all others that I have that job just gilt-edged with everything I push at them except Globoid products?